Burnout Prevention

If the ratios of “giving energy” and “refueling batteries” are askew over a longer period of time, we can reach a point often referred to as burnout. Burnout prevention means realizing what causes the imbalance early on and actively working with this information.
You’ve taken the first important step by acknowledging that you won’t be able to deal with this on your own, seeking an “outside perspective” and professional support  – before reaching the point of being completely “burnt out”.

As your coach, I will assist you by:

  • ascertaining whether you are actually experiencing a burnout process or a different condition (such as depression, temporary stress … among others)
  • making you aware of your individual warning signals and take them seriously
  • helping you consider options for finding relief
  • assisting you with questioning your own expectations/ standards, and correctly evaluating your resources
  • enabling you to initiate overdue changes in your professional and private situation
  • making you find activities that will gradually supply you with energy on a physical, mental and emotional level

Step by step, you will see a path towards improving your quality of life, and pursue it with confidence and clarity. Ultimately, it’s for you to decide on what performance level you will be willing and able to continue in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about a preliminary consultation on burnout prevention.
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