Self-management for Executives

Self-management can be important when it comes to successfully leading others. It’s an ability that becomes evident in the way an executive handles external influences, especially in challenging or critical situations.

This training focuses on methods for emotional and mental self-management. It is designed to enhance the self-efficacy, confidence and scope of action individuals in leading positions need in their everyday lives.

Contents of the training:

  • How emotions can impact the actions individuals in leading positions take and the decisions they make
  • Steps on the way to emotional self-management
  • Your own mental concepts and principles and their impact on your actions and decisions as an executive
  • Mental blocks and obstacles regarding certain challenges
  • Steps on the way to mental self-management

Goals and benefits for participants:

  • Enhancing your self-efficacy when coping with change
  • Getting better at coping with emotionally challenging situations
  • Being able to overcome mental blocks and accessing your full performance potential

  • Making more informed/conscious decisions
  • Finding motivation and emotional balance  
  • Making effective decisions and acting in a confident manner

Available formats

  • 1-2 days training with brief theoretical input units, individual reflection, practical exercises in smaller groups, check lists, case work (working on examples contributed by the participants)
  • Also available in combination with individual transfer coaching
  • Other available formats: 1-2 hours talk, 0,5 day compact workshop
  • Number of participants dependent on the chosen format

Target groups
Executives, executive teams, project managers, team leaders

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