Professional Communication

Contrary to common belief, the ability to communicate in a professional manner is far from being an ordinary skill. It is the basis for getting through to your employees and for motivating them, for mutually binding agreements and for standing by one’s goals – even in conflict-laden situations.

This training is designed to teach executives the skill of successful communication. The focus here is the participants’ attitude as well as their behavior. Participants’ learn to be self-aware and self-reflective while having a conversation, and to apply the appropriate communication techniques.

Contents of the training:

  • The key skills of communications: active listening, being present, establishing trust, effective questioning techniques
  • Managing difficult and controversial conversations: attitude and communications strategies
  • Appreciative communication: the significance of expressing appreciation and giving appreciative feedback; how to express criticism in a constructive manner
  • Communications and personality: learning about different personality types and how they affect communications

  Goals and benefits for the participants:

  • Having structured conversations
  • Communicating concisely and to the point

  • Strengthening powers of persuasion as well as credibility
  • Consciously using and decoding body language
  • Using a number of different communication techniques and rhetorical devices
  • Gaining confidence and scope of activity for difficult conversations

Available Formats

  • Training unit of 1-2 days, including brief theoretical input, individual reflection, practical exercises in small groups, check lists, case work (working on cases submitted by the participants)
  • Also available in combination with individual transfer coaching
  • Other possibilities: 1–2 hours talk, 0,5 day long compact workshop
  • Number of participants dependent on the format

Target groups
Executives, leading teams, project managers or team leaders

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