Career Orientation and Life Goals

As long as we work towards something, all our efforts and attention are focused on the goals we strive to achieve in our lives.
Important plans have been laid
, and we’ve accomplished some intermittent goals. There may also be things that haven’t worked out quite the way we envisioned them.
We now ask ourselves: how do I proceed from here?

The coaching process on career orientation and life goals moves through the following practical steps:

  • Assessing your current situation and creating a new, stable foundation
  • Defining individual life goals and finding ways to work towards them
  • Incorporating contradictions or what may seem like contradictions, such as purpose and success, professional dedication and personal fulfillment
  • Activating hidden resources and potential
  • Developing a new clarity in your actions
  • Finding zest for life, courage and strength to face the impending changes

In my capacity as your coach, I use a number of different methods, such as the analysis of basic desires according to the Reiss Motivation Profile, values work, the KAIROS biography analysis, methods for finding life goals and visions as well as creative techniques.

If you’re interested in coaching for career orientation and life goals, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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