Professional and Personal Crises

Crises are nobody’s favorite, and mostly even downright scary – but conversely, a crisis also gives us a chance to change course and go about things differently. For the best outcome, we add skills, we experience something new and we gain inner strength. Instead of merely being  worse for wear in the end, we’re usually also quite a bit smarter.

In turbulent times, coaching for professional and personal crises can support you ...

  • to acknowledge what you can do on an internal and external level to regain your footing and stability
  • by showing you methods that help you control your emotions and increase your scope of action
  • by explaining the dynamics of crises and finding a place to start so you can feel in control again
  • to stop fighting the inevitable and thereby finding the necessary energy and mindset for moving forward
  • by conveying trust in the fact that there will be new goals and perspectives for you

As your coach, I will use methods from the fields of resilience and health research, mental training and relaxation techniques, methods of
cognitive emotion regulation and stress management.

If you are interested in coaching for professional and personal crises, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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