Team Building /Team Coaching

In this day and age, many organizations rely on team work. But not everybody finds it easy to work together effectively, let alone on a high-performance level.

Would you like to decrease friction loss within the team and learn how to grow with the others, even outgrowing all expectations? Are you interested in learning what factors guarantee a team’s success in the long run? Or would you like to develop strategies that will enable your team to become future-proof on their own?

Coaching as a team building method can be beneficial when it comes to:

  • developing common goals
  • creating team identity and strengthening team spirit
  • clearly defining roles within the team, better use of individual strengths
  • improving communications within the team, establishing feedback culture
  • approaching conflict in an open, solution-oriented and objective way
  • reflecting existing roles, values and individual beliefs and principles

  • Redistributing tasks, clearly defining responsibilities

Even though team building must ultimately be carried out by the team members themselves and is therefore open-ended to an extent, I generally insist on a clear definition of the framework and objectives in advance. This is a necessary basis for my being able to steer the process in a given direction.
I like to alternate experience- and action-oriented units, wrapping up with a supervised follow-up evaluation. Transferring the results to the daily work situation is an ongoing part of going through the process with the team. After all, the whole reason for team building activities is that they’re supposed to make a difference in the work situation!

If you’re interested in hiring me as a coach for your team, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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