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Leading a dedicated life as a professional and as an individual, you’re probably used to give your best performance at all times. But eventually you get to a point where a healthy challenge becomes a continuous source of stress.

Read more on coaching for stress management, and how I can support you when dealing with the stress factors and assist you as you successfully tackle the reasons.

If we feel caught up in a dynamic of “reacting” to challenges, to the point of losing our inner connection with what we do, life can become very draining indeed. If this is the case over a longer period of time, it can lead to physical and psychological discomforts or even to a state of exhaustion we call burnout syndrome.
Read more on how coaching for burnout prevention shows ways to escape the downward spiral of the burnout process.

We can access our potential, our creativity and our power best if we feel good about all aspects of our lives. If our relationships and our life and work situations are stable and in synch, we feel good and balanced.
Read more on how coaching for health and work-life balance can support you on various levels.

If you are interested in coaching for health aspects, please don’t hesitate to
contact me. I look forward to meet you for pre-coaching consultion.

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