Health and Work-life Balance

Many individuals find that factors like time pressure, feeling like a lone warrior and structural instability are constantly and increasingly taking their toll on their own health.

Being mindful of our own wellbeing and acting responsibly towards ourselves is crucial for being able to maintain our quality of life and ability to perform long-term.

Coaching for health and work-life balance supports you by:

  • strengthening your inner resilience
  • helping you understand how thought, emotion and action interlace, and develop healthy patterns instead of those adverse to your health
  • incorporating all relevant aspects of your life according to their long-term importance

  • finding new behavior and solutions strategies, and enhancing your self-managing skills

Take advantage of the solution- and action-oriented methods of integral coaching, as well as my many years of experience as a therapist. Regain your strength, ability to perform and zest for life – in your job and your personal endeavors.

If you’re interested in coaching for health and work-life balance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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