Taking the Lead

Are you confronted with management responsibilities for the first time in your career? Have you assumed a different executive position that brings about new challenges? Or are you involved in a specific constellation at present for which even you as an experienced executive could use some support?

With the right sparring partner, you can turn this important career phase into a steep learning curve, for instance by:

  • taking in the impetus to analyze and question your actions
  • adopting an outside view to acknowledge your strengths and resources, as well as identify areas with room for improvement
  • developing  approaches and strategies regarding questions you find difficult to answer by yourself
  • making you see where and how you can steer your employees in a different direction, in order to enable them to grow into their full potential
  • making the transition from co-worker to superior confidently and without faltering
  • coping with conflicts in a professional manner actively addressing controversial issues instead of hoping “things will work out” without your getting involved.

If you’re interested in coaching for these issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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