Coaching + Self-management

Insecurities, fears and wasting energy with pointless brooding can obstruct our view of creative solutions and alternative courses of action. The way we think and feel has an immediate effect on our behavior and the decisions we make. Read more on how I actively support you with coaching for emotional and mental self-management by developing new strategies for working with your emotions and thought patterns.

The Reiss Motivation Profile is a tool that explores the reasons for our actions, and captures the dimensions of individual personalities. This psychological test method was developed by Dr. Steven Reiss in the 1990s. The resulting personality profile is as individual as a fingerprint and allows a highly differentiated interpretation of an individual’s motivation, values and behavior. Read more on how you can use the findings from a coaching with the Reiss Motivation Profile for a more effective self-management.

If you’re interested in coaching for self-management, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meet you for a preliminary consultation.

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